UI.DropDown Data

1. Description

This node allows you to create a dropdown input on the UI.MultipleInputForm++ form for the user to select from.

2. Inputs

  • InputName (optional): This input lets you label the dropdown input on the form. All it takes is a string. If no input name is set, the dropdown input will appear wider.

  • Keys and Values: These are mandatory inputs, and they work together. The keys are the texts that are displayed to the user in the dropdown menu. This list must mach the list of "Values" so that when a user selects a key in the dropdown menu, the associated value will be returned. In the following example, the keys are the names of the wall types, and the values are the wall type elements.

  • DefaultValueIndex (optional): This input lets you set the value that will be selected by default on the dropdown menu when it is first shown to the user. It takes an integer value that represents the index of the value in the list of values.

  • Sorted (optional): This input is used to determine whether you want your lists of keys/values to be sorted (alphanumerically) or not. It takes a boolean value and is set to true by default. If you set it to false, then the items will appear on the dropdown menu in the same order as the Keys/Values lists.

3. Output:

The user input will be returned by UI.MultipleInputForm++ . The object type will be the same as the elements in the "Values" list.