RayBounce On Linked Model

1. Description

The RayBounce function is precious when it comes to checking ceiling heights in order to place components, or to check program compliance. But more often than not, the elements needed “to bounce on” are in a linked model, and the OOTB RayBounce node only works with elements from the current document.

2. Inputs

  • Points

This input takes a list of points from which the RayBouncing will be performed.

  • Direction

This input takes the direction of the RayBouncing.

  • 3D View : View3D

This input takes the 3D View you want to perform the RayBouncing in.

  • BounceOnLinkOnly

This input takes a boolean value to indicate wether the Bouncing should be performed on the linked model only or on the whole model.

3. Outputs

  • Points

This output gives the points resulting from the RayBouncing.

  • Elements

The elements that have been hit by the RayBouncing are gathered in this output.