1. Description

Modification tracking in a Revit model is a recurrent topic. It’s always very time consuming to compare different versions of the same model, and to figure out what’s new, what was deleted, and what has changed.

A little online research pointed me, as often, to a post from Jeremy Tammik on the building coder. In his post, he describes two approaches to the problem. One of these aproaches is to compare “snapshots” of models. His work inspired me to create a couple of dynamo nodes and workflows to facilitate the fastidious task of modification tracking !

The goal was to create an easy way to figure out what modifications occured between two versions of the same model and to offer an easy way to visualize those modifications. I will first introduce the set of nodes I came up with then I’ll develop about how they can be used in three separate workflows.

The node ModificationTracker.AllChanges compares both the geometry and the parameters of the elements that exist in two versions of the same model.