RayBounce On Link Category

1. Description

This node has the same functionality as RayBounce On Linked Model but it gives you the opportunity to do the RayBounce on a given category.

2. Inputs

  • Points

This input takes a list of points from which the RayBouncing will be performed.

  • Direction

This input takes the direction of the RayBouncing.

  • 3D View : View3D

This input takes the 3D View you want to perform the RayBouncing in.

  • Category : Category

This input takes the category you want to RayBounce on.

  • BounceOnLinksOnly

This input takes a boolean value to indicate wether the Bouncing should be performed on the linked model only or on the whole model.

3. Outputs

  • Points

This output gives the points resulting from the RayBouncing.

  • Elements

The elements (of the given category) that have been hit by the RayBouncing are gathered in this output.