UI.DataTable input

1. Description

The UI.DataTable input basically allows to add an Excel like data table within a Data Shapes Form using UI.MultipleInputForm++. It enables you to display a 2D data list in the form. The 2D list simply needs to be fed to the “Data” input of the node.

This form input doesn’t only allow displaying the info. It also lets you export it to Excel with some cool features. All you need to do is enter a file name for your export and click on the “Export” button. The exported data is preformatted as a table:

2. Inputs

  • InputName

You can add a title to the DataTable through the “InputName” input:

  • Data

Each sublist is read as a row :

  • FirstRowIsTitle

The “FirstRowIsTitles” input is optional. It lets you set the column header of the data table using the first sublist of your 2D data list. Its default value is false:

  • ShowTitleAndFileInfoInExport

The “ShowTitleAndFilesInfoInExport” input is optional. When set to true, you export your DataTable table along with the active Revit document name and date and time of export. The default value of the input is set to true.

  • OpenExcelAtExport

The “OpenExcelAtExport” input which allows you to set whether you want to automatically open the Excel file when exporting or not (unlike the OOTB write to excel node!)

3. Output

So far, this input doesn’t return anything. It is used for display/export only. It is an interesting way to show data to the user and has a very convenient sorting by column value feature: