UI.MultipleInputForm ++

1.1 The "Engine" of the UI creation

UI.MultipleInputForm ++ is probably the most important node in the UI part of the Data-Shapes package. It can be considered the "Engine" of the UI creation because this node will interpret all input informations, build the UI Form and then return user inputs.

1.2 Required Inputs

The UI.MultipleInputForm ++ node has several inputs. But only two of then are required for it to function. The rest of the inputs are optionnal.

  • Inputs: The inputs must be input as a list. The inputs will be added the form and displayed in the same order they are fed:

  • Toggle: The toggle must be set to "true" in order for UI.MultipleInputForm++ to be fired. This input is crucial because it allows a better control of the order in which the script will function. It also lets the user create sequences of forms.

1.3 Optional Inputs

  • Description: This input lets you add a title to your form.

  • Logo: The Logo input allows you to add your logo at the bottom left of the UI form by feeding it the filepath of the image. All standard image formats will be accepted (.jpg .png, etc.)By default, the form will show the Data Shapes logo.

  • LinkToHelp: This input will add a little "help" hyperlink at the bottom right of the form validation button. This hyperlink can open any type of document, provided you feed a filepath or a URL to the LinkToHelp input of UI.MultipleInputForm.

Opening a document through the "Help" hyperlink
  • CancelButtonText: This one is pretty obvious. Feeding a string to this input will do two things:

    • Add a cancel button to the form

    • Set the text on the cancel button

  • MaxHeight: This input let you set a maximum height for the form. It is particularly handy when the form has a large amount of inputs because otherwise your screen wouldnt be big enough. When a maximum height is specified and the input lists exceeds this heght, the form becomes scrollable.

Scrolling throught the inputs
  • Width: The last input of the UI.MultipleInputForm++ node let you set a width for your UI form. The default width of the form is 350.

1.4 Outputs:

The UI.MultipleInputForm++ node has three outputs:

  • User Inputs: This output is the list of the inputs that the user of the script has entered through the UI form. They are output in the same order as they appear on the form:

  • Was Run: This output return a precious information: whether the form was run or not net (true or false). This lets you better manage the moment when your UI form appears. It can also be used ase the toggle of another UI.MultipleInputForm++ node, ensuring that the first form will always be run before the second.

  • Was Cancelled: The "was cancelled" input will return "true" if the form was closed using the cancel button. Otherwise it will return "false".