UI.ColorInput Data

1. Description

This node is to create a button on UI.MultipleInputForm++ forms that will trigger a color selection dialog. WARNING : This input is only available for Revit 2017 or more recent.

2. Inputs

  • InputName: This input lets you label the button on the form. All it takes is a string. If no input name is set, the button will appear wider.

  • Button Text: This input lets you set the text displayed on the button. All it takes is a string.The default value is "Select Color".

3. Output

The user input will be returned by UI.MultipleInputForm++ as a Autodesk.Revit.DB.Color. There are several ways to convert this value to a Dynamo color. One of them is to use the "Color.ToDynamoColor" node from Clockworks (by Andreas Dieckmann).