The Orkestra Revit Addin is a fully integrated version of Orkestra right inside Revit. It lets you access and manage your online hubs/workspaces and also delivers some key functionnalities such as :
    Replacing the Dynamo Player and offerring a tree view browsing interface that lets you better organize your content
    Setting up the Package environment for every definition played through Orkestra
    Creating Quick Access buttons to make your favorite definitions easily accessible and to deploy them in the most user-friendly way
Everything Orkestra-related is in the Orkestra Tab of the Revit Ribbon
By default, the Orkestra Tab on your Revit Ribbon contains three PushButtons:
    The Browser button opens the Orkestra Dockable Pane that contains all the functionalities.
    The Wiki button will take you to this wiki.
    The Report Issue button will take you to the issues page of the Orkestra Online Github repository.
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